Spirit of Yuri’s Night Award

The Award recognizes “a person or team that embodies the Yuri’s Night mission by using music and art to make space cool.

The first eight awards were handcrafted from aerogels—a diverse class of ultralow density solids with properties unlike anything else. From superinsulation and supercapacitors to ultralight structures, sensors, and armor, aerogels make possible technologies that make our world better. Yuri’s Night thanks BuyAerogel.com for their generous support of the Spirit of Yuri’s Night Award.
Since 2019, MOVA Globes has provided a gently-spinning globe of Earth as the Spirit of Yuri’s Night Award.

Dancing Snoopy Medal

The Yuri’s Night Board of Directors also periodically awards the “Dancing Snoopy Medal”, a medallion recognizing exemplary effort by Yuri’s Night Executive Team members, event organizers, and other volunteers. The Dancing Snoopy Medal was inspired by the Silver Snoopy Award, given by NASA astronauts to individuals for outstanding achievements. Yuri’s Night thanks United Media, Universal Uclick, and Peanuts Worldwide, LLC, for their generous permission to use the Astronaut Snoopy design in this limited fashion.