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Party Resources

Brand your event with Yuri’s Night logos. Print them on mugs, tag your event staff, and spread the celebration beyond April 12th.
Download Yuri’s Night graphic resources
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Host a Watch Party

Bring your friends together to celebrate Yuri’s Night! Show off your costume and enjoy a fun discussion while you watch the global livestream together. How? Download the watch party guide!
The most asked question we get when people learn about Yuri’s Night is: “How do I set up my own event?” To help, we have created a three-step process to get you thinking about how to host a great event!
So you’re setting up an awesome Yuri’s Night party, and you’re looking to spread the word as wide as you can–without breaking the bank to do it. What can you do? This quick guide is meant to give small-to-medium-sized Yuri’s Night parties some ideas and strategies for how to promote their event on a tight budget.